Intriguing History connects people, events and places by period, century and a wide range of historic themes, across a 1000 years of British history.

  • The Edwardian Era
  • English Medieval Pilgrimage
  • Book of Kells Medieval Masterpiece
  • Wynkyn de Worde Printer
  • Laura Bassi Scientist
  • Shakespeare's Original Pronunciation
  • The Haberdasher's Company
  • Rachel Wriothesley wife of Lord Russell
  • Cult of the Virgin Mary
  • Henrietta Vansittart Engineer
  • Sarah Guppy an English Inventor
  • The Cult of Chivalry

Using timelines, mapping and connected posts we are building a dynamic digital framework of history to help us all see the wider context of historical events that capture our interest.
We hope that by using these tools we help you discover and explore many more historical connections.

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