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Intriguing History is a project researching, curating, mapping and connecting history. Designed by and for us all,  to help connect some intriguing facts, and provide some accessible historical context to your family, social, local and special interest projects. It might even help with the odd school homework assignment or project.

Recent Additions and Updates

We have added some new pages, as well as frequently posting new articles. Recent additions include extensions to Intriguing People and New lists of British Monarchs and Prime Ministers, with new interactive links being added frequently to each list. Featured themes include recent additions for Magna Carta 800 and Winston Churchill PM and Polymath commemorating the 50th anniversary of his state funeral with focus on his multi-faceted talents, lifelong scientific interests and some highlights of what he thought of the major players he engaged with, they of him and  the varied views of historians and commentators on his influence on the 20th Century. A first cut of our integrated digital timeline and map for the War of the Roses is also due within early Feb 2015, as well and we are working on some more for the 100 Years War and more to launch i time for the Spring season. We have also added a blog section and our working on enhancing our FAQs to include a glossary and definition of some key terms and concepts that might help us all with our use of this site and in our own research.

Interactive tools for history

We are using a series of historic themes, dipping in and out of various intriguing connections we discover together along the way. Using interactive maps, timelines, chronologies, family trees and lists linked to photographs and artworks which enhance and decorate the rich resources we can together explore in articles and digital artefacts that dig a little deeper. With the best part of a thousand years plus to cover there is plenty for us all to explore over time. Search British History by century,  periods of history. historic themes and the geographic places in which the people and events take place.

It is designed to be for us all, to make our history more accessible, as an individual, to share with your family and for those with particular or special interests but most importantly it is about enjoying your history and using the web to find the best ways to share our past. We aim to provide an introduction, a framework by century and periods of our history as information and resources which may help us all with our history projects, to explore, connect and discover some more as suits your particular purpose.

Think of this as a connected part-work, as it grows more connections and associations emerge and reveal themselves, it is a voyage of discovery for us all. Over time we are improving the technology that supports this site and are currently working on introducing interactive timelines and intriguing family trees of the royal, regal and those that have greatly influenced the development of the UK as it is today.

British perspective and starting point that embraces our rich heritage of international trade, emigration and immigration

We have started from a British (UK) perspective but includea nd joyfully embrace the wider world of our colonial past in particular but not exclusively with the intriguing connections formed between the UK and the United States, Canada ,Australia and New Zealand. Use our interactive map and take a tour here This project evolves and welcomes connections with other projects, ideas, resources and data.

Free to share. connect and contact.

Please feel free to share and contact us if you have a particular related interest or idea that you are interested in sharing with the wider world via Intriguing History. You can find us here on Twitter @intriguinghist.

What will 2015 hold for Intriguing History?

Currently a part-time project, we grab time and resources where we can to pursue this project. Currently embroiled and wrestling wih Timelines, Centuries and the vital sketches of the major periods in our history, you should find something new to engage with and explore most months.  Why not sign-up for a monthly email and never miss a headline again, we will respect your privacy and only send you the emails you request. If you would like to sign-up for a monthly email just subscribe for free here You might also like to take a look at our associated project Hampshire History ( a more detailed look at how our history reveals itself in the beautiful and historic county of Hampshire one-time Southamptonshire.



Constitutional Crisis People’s Budget 1909

Constitutional Crisis People’s Budget 1909

What would cause a king to contemplate the end of the Monarchy and that his son might be the last King? When his Barons, the Lords would rise-up and revolt against the rule of democracy and seek to reinvent the will of the people via its commons from being fulfilled. Lloyd George and Winston Churchill would be the advocates for the poor and common man. Asquith would seek to calm the rage and the King would plead with the Lords to let the Bill pass but it would take two General Elections and never again would this unwritten convention be relied upon without statute to support it.

Duke of Windsor Sends his Best to Winston Churchill

Duke of Windsor Sends his Best to Winston Churchill

A British King had abdicated for the woman he loved, some 18 years later he would make a rare and awkward film appearance on the occassion of Winston Churchill’s 80th. Had the political climate thawed after the tragedy of a family divided and the Duke wanted to pay tribute and honour an old friend and loyal servant of the nation. An intriguing moment that might be repeated, see he video and follow our new Windsor period on Intriguing History.

Winston Churchill by Lord Carington Interview BBC Newsnight

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Winston Churchill polymath

Winston Churchill by the last man alive to have worked with him post war in cabinet, the rather charming Lord Carington. There isn’t anyone else that worked with him left to tell us. Its a charming and forthright short piece, simply delightful video.

Treaty of Troyes 1420

Treaty of Troyes 1420

Treaties for peace, to resolve conflict, seal a marriage, create trade opportunities or simply to fuel naked ambition of a king? Treaty of Troyes a wedding and a truce for England or does it seal the fate of the House of Lancaster, see the sun set on York and an early dawn for a new dynasty the Tudors? Sounds far-fetched? Read-on since when did a Treaty actually create the conditions for lasting peace? Part 1 of a series of posts on Treaties and the Trouble that lies ahead.

Libby Lane 1st Lady Bishop of Church of England

1st Woman Bishop Libby Lane ordained by the Church of England by the Archbishop of York, what a moment in British History to celebrate.

Elizabeth Woodville Queen of Edward IV

Elizabeth Woodville Queen of Edward IV

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Intriguing Women

Elizabeth Woodville would marry a King but her sons would end their lives imprisoned by their uncle in the tower who would become the much maligned Richard III. He was this Queen who drove a King to marry in secret and fall out with his own family?

The Golden Hind

The Golden Hind

The Golden Hind will be part of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee flotilla down the Thames, what impact did Drakes voyage have on the nation just over 430 years ago?