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Sidney Street Siege and Winston Churchill 1911

Sidney Street Siege and Winston Churchill 1911

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Sidney Street Siege and Winston Churchill 1911

Was Winston ‘rash and ridiculous’ or a Home Secretary that was ready to be there with his men in the frontline? We found this old photograph of Winston and had to take a further look, always the chance it is a first. But alas whilst it isn’t, the more you read and learn about Winston the more time and again there are examples of him being thrilled by action and engagement. Its almost distasteful to us today to consider the prospect of enjoying conflict and danger but its part and parcel of the man and he seems to live his life on the edge in a way that most of us could not cope with. It’s exhausting just trying to follow his exploits by reading alone. Churchill’s colleagues were not impressed and Arthur Balfour was quoted as saying as leader of the Tory Opposition (Winston was in the Liberal Government at this point)

 Prime Minister Balfour and Winston Churchill“I understand what the photographer was doing, but what was the right honourable gentleman doing?”

Arthur Balfour Tory Leader of the Opposition and future Prime Minister



Sidney Street Siege 1911 Anarchy and Artillery
Manchester Guardian Reporter up on the Roof as winston calls in the Artillery.

Pathe footage show extraordinary images of artillery being rushed with infantry troops and mounted contingent along London’s reets.

Sidney Street Siege who is the Man on the Roof?

When you see the photograph for the first time you might not be drawn to the man on the roof but it doesn’t tkae long and you want to know who was mad enough to be up there? In 2014 the Guardian must have found the same picture although their copy is a little more enhanced than ours which was in sepia not black and white. But I think the scoop on who he was is better left to the professional reports here.


But was this another case for criticising Winston as the over zealous enthusiast, a thrill seeker, certainly seems a little over the top to bring Artillery into play for a couple of Anarchists? But if you read the Guardian report its believed the one who got away was involved in the Soviet bureaucracy until 1938 when he ‘Peter the Painter fell out of favour. Its certainly an intriguing moment showing Winston at the ready?

Three Policemen Honoured with long overdue Memorial in 1911

Three Policemen were murdered by the Sidney Street Gang and a further two were injured and left disabled for life. In 1911 the memorial to their bravery and sacrifice in the line of duty was honoured as recorded in the newspaper article (Daily Mail.)



Winston Churchills Legacy a balanced perspective

Winston Churchills Legacy a balanced perspective

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How can you get a balanced view and perspective about this British Prime Minister and what his real legacy is on this (2015) the 50th Anniversary of Winston Churchill’s state funeral. The historians and politician’s literature never mind Winston’s own writings are huge. He never did a single TV interview Professor Vernon Bogdanor does us all proud with this excellent video lecture, in his roles as Emeritus Professor of Law and Visiting Professor of Political History at the excellent Gresham College find a little time and get an excellent balanced view and appraisal of the legacy left to us all by Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill by Lord Carington Interview BBC Newsnight

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Winston Churchill by the last man alive to have worked with him post war in cabinet, the rather charming Lord Carington. There isn’t anyone else that worked with him left to tell us. Its a charming and forthright short piece, simply delightful video.

Winston Churchill 50th Anniversary Tribute

Winston Churchill 50th Anniversary Tribute

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The start of a series of some facets of Winston Churchill and his intriguing connections, the character of the man himself his triumphs and failures, his polymorphic abilities, science, writing, oratory excellence, the people he knew and what he thought about them and vice versa. Simply one of the most intriguing men in at least British 20th century history, he had his failing but packed huge amounts in to a life of extremes and huge contrasts. What can we find and connect as a series on the intriguing people he was involved with, how he promoted and developed science and technology throughout his career and a little colour about the character of the man.