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London Picture Map

London Picture Map

The London Picture Map has been created out of the world’s largest collection of drawings, paintings and photos.

This new website, ‘Collage, the London Picture Map’,  is an exciting presentation of the enormous collection of images of London’s streets collated and curated by the London Metropolitan Archives and now hosted by them online. This new initiative is going to be a dynamic online collection, being added to from what it estimates could be over two million archived images.  The London Picture Map includes 250,000 images of London dating from 1450 to the present day. The images are available to view via an interactive map so the viewer can select a street and see what images there are for that location.

Not all the images appear on the map so as not to overwhelm the viewer.

Map of London

How to search the London Picture Map.

The viewer can type the location, for example we searched for Leadenhall and got a return of 411 images. Once an image is selected it is returned with a full description, it can be enlarged, downloaded as a pdf or printed for personal use only. If you wish to use the images for commercial use then you will need to apply for a licence.

The viewer can also search by subject, we searched for churches and got a return of 4683, wonderful paintings, sketches and photos but you can be more granular and still get a good set of results.

Using the map for family and local history projects.

What a great resource for adding images to your family history narrative. Everyone loves to compare streets they live in now with how they looked in the past. As long as you are using these images for your own private use it is possible to inject a new perspective of your ancestors lives. There might even be a lucky find, searching for images of Walnut Tree Walk Lambeth returned a photo of a shop that my husbands family worked in.

London Picture map

The fronts of buildings often change, windows and doors replaced, the office you are sitting in might have looked very different a hundred years ago. This is a great first step into making this incredible archive easily accessible and therefore used by the public. Curation is the key to these collections, we fund it out of the public purse so the more that can be done to make our national archives available to all, the better.



The Workhouse System

The Workhouse System

The Workhouse System was a radical solution to a problem of immense scale in mid C19th Britain. Tory landowners and Whig economists for once voted together, anxious in the face of increasing revolt and disturbances to preserve their respective positions.

An intriguing afternoon with Lady Carnarvon about The Real Downton Abbey Highclere Castle

Highclere history highlights some intriguing connections after an enjoyable afternoon with Lady Carnarvon. Did the price of grain lead to a significant increase in Anglo-American Marriages amongst the British Aristocracy? Were the aristocratic marriages significant in the development of our society and what impact did they have subsequently through two world wars on the Special Relationship between two Nation-States. Amazing what you can learn from an intriguing lunch-time talk…

Treasured finds as London’s Online Art archives emerge from the dust sheets…

How can you build your own personal online art collection and maybe find some new and intriguing resources and information to enjoy and inform the research for your history project!. Automating some legwork sure worked for me, it is a bit like fishing you need to be patient but it yields results and does much more searching than you could do manually, take a look at the Painting I found for my One Name Study.