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History of mapping and mapping history and its intriguing connections across the history of Brtain and England and its connections to the wider world.

Find Place Names in Great Britain

When trying to locate our ancestors, we can sometimes be thrown by duplication of place names. Even in the same county, duplicate place names can appear and if you are unaware of this, it can throw your whole research out of kilter.
These digitized resource, The Gazeteer of British Place Names, is a valuable resource, naming over 50,000 entries of place names in Great Britain.
It is not free but can be bought as an E book
To find more useful data to help explore your family history and discover how you can create your own unique archive of data go to Intriguing Family History.
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Historic County Borders UK

Great resource of UK County Border data, available to download. This is a super resource for those wanting to take their family history a step further

Norfolk Old Tithe Enclosure and OS Maps

Norfolk old maps tithe, Enclosure and OS all available online and for free…great resources for family istory, genealogical and locally connected history projects…

Bishops Waltham Origin Maps Names History

Bishops Waltham: a small market town has a rich story to tell from pre-Doomsday to Cromwell, Trafalger and much more, what intriguing connections might thishave for you and your project?

East Meon Place name origins…

Some easy steps to checking out the origins of placenames and how we plan to map them on existing online and modern maps… from the Doomsday book onwards….start your own etymological study related to your family history map and family names….