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New Boer War Footage

An Intriguing snippet..

New Boer War footage from British Pathe War Archives released on YouTube recently

This is a fascinating piece of footage, if you have been to see the film ‘War horse’ it makes you think and for railway enthusiasts, there’s a little something special…

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Bloemfontein, South Africa


The Work of Emily Hobhouse

Emily Hobhouse, welfare campaigner was loved by the South Africans for the compassion and aid given to their women and children in British prisoner of war camps during the Boer War and vilified by her own people because of that work

Lady Florence Dixie journalist and feminist 1856

Lady Florence Dixie journalist and feminist 1856

Lady Florence Dixie was an insightful and inspiring writer, journalist and liberal thinker. She championed equality for women and was outspoken in her support for Irish Home Rule.

Boer Wars

The Boer War was the first military clash of the C20th, it changed the face of warfare and brings great context for those studying their family history at such an important time in military history.