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Lancs in Counties and parishes

Historic County Borders UK

The 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom form a unique framework for exploring all historical events including our own family history.

The County Borders Project, has done a brilliant job, digitizing the historic county border data and made it freely available to download and use.
It will be useful in all manner of areas, from being able to catalogue historical artefacts and events, to building out a historical study of any given county.
To download the database and border data, click on the link

To find more useful data to help explore your family history and discover how you can create your own unique archive of data go to Intriguing Family History.
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John Kay 1753-54 House destroyed by machine breakers…keeps inventing

John Kay Inventor persecuted and house destroyed by machine breakers, he didn’t give-up and kept inventing, now that’s entrepreneurial against the odds…and was this the start of organised labour and uprisings?

John Kay Inventor of the Flying Shuttle

John Kay Inventor of the Flying Shuttle

The costs to John Kay inventor of the flying shuttle were significant, as they were to the workers who lost their jobs as a result of mechanisation but his tenacious approach in the face of adversity is part of what made the inventors, visionaries and entrepreneurs of the Industrial Revolution brilliant.

Flying shuttle – What is it?

Flying shuttle – What is it?

Just what was the flying shuttle and why did it have such an impact on the lives of our ancestors? A simple invention that produced incredible results. A great example of the speed of change during the Industrial Revolution.