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Historic County Borders UK

The 92 historic counties of the United Kingdom form a unique framework for exploring all historical events including our own family history.

The County Borders Project, has done a brilliant job, digitizing the historic county border data and made it freely available to download and use.
It will be useful in all manner of areas, from being able to catalogue historical artefacts and events, to building out a historical study of any given county.
To download the database and border data, click on the link

To find more useful data to help explore your family history and discover how you can create your own unique archive of data go to Intriguing Family History.
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Northampton and the First Cotton Spinning Mill 1742

Northampton and the First Cotton Spinning Mill 1742

The first cotton spinning mill was built in Northamptonshire in 1742 but just what effect did mass production of yarns in the textile industry bring to those working in cottage industries, how did they cope?