FAQs and British History Glossary and Terms

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a Duke and a Baron and a Marquess? Why do we use the word Demise in property law? Come across an obscure historic word or term that you have seen before but not certain what it means? Well so have we, so here is a collection designed to clarify at least what we have found out to help answer some of the more frequent questions we all hear asked or would like the answers to. We also cover answers from terms and FAQs about this project and website and specific helpful hints to get you to the answers you are seeking as soon as possible. Hence these terms are separate from the main pages and posts and can be linked by us where it might just help clarify the meaning of an article if we can agree the definition of a term. If you have more question please just ask us via contact us and we will share what we can find. This is being launch as a new feature in 2015 so give us a little time to start adding some answers to help us all along the and if you would like an answer you cannot find just use Contact Us by clicking here

What is the point of history?

materials to work with: Churchill quotation cited in (David Cannadine’s inaugural lecture as Director of the Institute of Historical Research, 1999) ” ‘History’, Churchill observed, ‘with its flickering lamp, stumbles along the trail of the past, trying to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale gleams the passions of former days.’…