Resources for Research Pipe rolls of the Exchequor

Sharing resources available for open access research and analysis in your history and humanities project is part of what we aim to do in conjunction with a Digital Gazetteer we are actively researching and developing as part of the Hampshire History Project.

When we find a resource that maybe useful to others we will now provide short posts annd snippets here, so that anyone may access and connect as well. The wonders of the Internet Archive make many early 20th and 19th century scholarly works available . It’s too easy to dismiss but the academics of just 100/200 years ago still knew their stuff and did many heavyweight translations of primary and secondary source documents.

This one is just an example. More to follow and we will tag by period, century and media type, plus locations where possible.
If you find something worth sharing just let us kow via the contact form. Meanwhile thanks for taking a look.