Timelines of British History

Timelines of British History, chronologies for you to choose from by century, theme or period and start to explore, chronological fast and easy to use, search and explore further to suit your interests. 
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War of the RosesA narrative of the period known as the War of the Roses. Providing a comprehenisve overview to the events, dates and primary parties. It will evolve as we add links to related content and edit the summaries as we research further and refine the Timeline
Agricultural and Industrial Revolution

Agricultural and Industrial Revolution Timeline and Chronology evolving.
Magna Cartaand British History (1st version complete and work in progress) 800th celebration and cuts across so much of British History.
List of British Monarchs Kings and QueensList (1st version complete and evolving)
All British Monarchs, King and Queens with links to their intriguing profiles when added and thhe periods in which they reigned. A handy ready reckoner with scope for more information if you require it.
British Prime Ministers List
British Prime MinistersList by date all Prime Ministers with Parties and Dates of Office. Links to related content, series of posts and content being added as content updated.
British British Law and HistoryTimeline (evolving and live)
List of laws that mark or have impacted on British History related to a specific law or change in the basis of British law that cn be related to a date or a period/range of dates.
Business Trade Industry & Organisations
Intriguing organisations and their connections to British History both public and private, commercial charitable and philanthropic, civic and professional.
Georgian Period 1714-1837
Georgian Period 17-14-1837 timeline and chronology
House of WindsorTimeline (work in progress)
House of Wndsor Experiment to investigate how we can use these tables and timelines to help tell the overall narrative and share links to more detail about each period in British History from the Roman Period to the current day
20th Century 1900-1999History Timeline (work in progress) Experiment to apply table and timeline approach with evolving content to a particular century, starting with the 20th Century
Reading Abbey and Quarter Timeline (to publish shortly in Feb 2015)
How the Great Abbeys connect with British History from foundation in the 12th Century to 20th Century
Empire and ColonialismTimeline (started as new project) see Middle East. Initial phase of the growth and subsequent decline and the impact on and involvement with the nations Britian held as colonies and the birth of the Commonwealth.
Middle East and British History(phase 1 19th and 20th century)
Victorian Period Victorian period evolving
Edwardian Period and Era 1901-1910 Edwardian Era and Period 1901-1910 evolving timeline
Napoleonic Wars, under development
100 Years War, under development
Not used
Anglo Saxon Timeline, under development
Social Change, under development
Government: History of Parliament under development
Church and Religion Timeline Church and Religion, Timeline 1st version , evolving and will cover all significant faiths over time.
Scotland and British History, under development
Ireland and British History, under development
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Timelines index is new for 2015, and is being frequently updated. New timelines already published, evolving and in development for easy review.Point and click to go to the timeline or chronology that matches your interest. You can also choose from the Century menu , Periods in History or Historic Themes.