The 21st Century 2000 – 2099

Not yet history, the 21st Century has completed it’s first decade, so what will become the historically important events that mark this century?

  • Richard III son of York buried in Leicester
  • Bank of England History
  • Libby Lane 1st Lady Bishop of Church of England
  • Temple Church London 1185-2012
  • Wellcome Trust Mapping Britain's Genealogy
  • How the Higgs Boson Particle Was Found
  • Britain from above project great for historians
  • Shakespeares Quartos Digitised with full text search
  • Leadenhall Market an historic marketplace dating back to the 1st century
  • History Repeating Itself Theme
  • Devonshire Regiment Cap Badge
  • test 21st and 20th century only

Conflict will continue to dominate and the rise of nations and nationalism maybe. Or will the overriding aspect be global warming and climate change?

Will the pressure on food, water and all other resources dominate all other actions and will it polarize attitudes and behaviour.

Will terrorism and the War on Terror make us ever less tolerant and more suspicious?

How will the world wide web be curated so that it can have maximum benefit, so that freedom of speech can be honoured and shared?

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