The 2nd Century continues to see Roman domination in Europe

Hadrian visited Britain to solve the problem of defending the northern frontier with Scotland and ordered a wall to be built.

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Hadrians Wall took two years to build and ran an east west course 113km in length. His bold solution to his problems in the north could not be replicated elsewhere. In Jerusalem he banned circumcision and other religious practices. The revolt by the Jews was fierce and resulted in an equally fierce retaliation from the Romans. Jews were banned from Palestinian lands.

The Roman Empire faces misrule amongst it’s own would be leaders

Threats from within and threats from without as the Germanic tribes push Rome hard on the Danube

Christianity, still a fledgling religion has spread far across Europe and becomes more organised.

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Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall

Antonine wall north of Adrian’s Wall was occupied fora short time and represents the retreat of the Romans from Scotland. Di you know it exists, what is left there and where does it run, relative to Hadrian’s Wall. Find out here with interactive Map of both walls and Google Earth Downloads for you to explore from here.

Hadrian’s Wall

The magnificent structure of Hadrian’s Wall was built under the order of Emperor Hadrian when he saw the need to consolidate the borders of the Roman Empire but what it’s exact purpose was is not fully understood.