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Welcome to Intriguing History.

The purpose of Intriguing History is to excite and inform about how people and events in history connect and influence each other. It's a learning path for us and as such this is an ever evolving site with content and timelines being added to dynamically. Our timelines have been created reflecting different themes and periods in British history. We hope you enjoy exploring intriguing connections with us, dive into the timelines for an 'I never knew that' moment. Find out was else was going on at the same point in time, who knew who and so much more.

A big thank you to the 110,000 folks who have visited us so far in 2019. We want to help you to continue to make intriguing connections between events and people in history using our timelines and posts so everyday in between dog walks we are working hard to improve the experience. This is a dynamic site, content and images are added each day and the timelines are evolving as well. 

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Using timelines, mapping and connected posts we are building a dynamic digital framework of history to give wider context to historical events that capture our interest.

We hope that by using these tools we can help you discover and explore many more historical connections.

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