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Angus Archives for Reseach and RSS Discovery the Ship that took Scott to the Antarctic

Angus Scotland, what do we know about it…Well if you want to look-up some local and family history resources, here is where to go Angus Archives Resources. You can also take a look at the family history and genealogical site of Angus and Dundee Councils called

In addition to these resource you might not know that you can also take a look in Dundee at RRS Discovery and all the related archives and artefacts of the ship that took Captain Scott to the Antarctic. Take a trip online or better still visit the RRS Discovery at Discovery Point. Here is a good page as an introduction in Undiscovered Scotland: RRS Discovery and Discovery Point. The ship was built there in the home and heartland of the Scottish Whaling industry and hence the expertise for a ship to travel in such dangerous conditions…




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