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Night Will Fall Harrowing but Excellent Holocaust Documentary

By Amanda Moore INW | January 25, 2015

Night will Fall Holocaust Documentary based on the 1945 Documentary film documenting the aftermath of the German Concentration Camps now being screened after a 6 year project by the Imperial War Museum to complete the original film in accordance with the script and sequences which involved film makers of the allies including Alfred Hitchcock, Bernstein the British Director, Richard Crossman’s script and narration and Richard Dimbleby father of the current broadcasters David and Jonathan. The document is a must watch but make sure you are braced to witness records made in the raw as allied forces went into the camps and witnessed for themselves the consequences of the crimes committed in the name of Germany. It should be required watching for Holocaust deniers.

Richard III Illegitimate?

By HLB | January 23, 2015
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series House of York

The remains of King Richard III discovered in Leicester in 2013, continue to shed new light on the dynasty that ruled during the War of the Roses.

Honoured guests Tower of London Chelsea Pensioners and their Beefeater guide

Tower of London Poppies Pictures to Download

By Amanda Moore INW | November 9, 2014

Tower of London Poppies Pictures FREE to Download Good news on Hampshire History our sister project, some pictures we snapped have been loaded to our Facebook Page for HH and you can download them for free. Just shared because whilst a staggering 4 million people have got there, not everyone will be able to. Reasonable quality and uploaded for higher quality so take a look and if of interest please download ad share. Here is the Facebook Post that will take you to the right place, you can also find it here on Hampshire History’s Home page Post by Hampshire History.

Anatomy Act 1832

Anatomy Act 1832

By Amanda Moore INW | April 1, 2013
This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series Statutes of Law

Body Snatching could make your body worth more dead than alive and the Anatomy Act was one way of starting toa ddress this dreadful and workhouse Regime fuelled fear by legislating to protect the corpses of the poor, this act lasts into the 20th Century so it was certainly significant well-beyond it’s original foundation,,,

King Richard III

King Richard III of England Found Facts and Fiction

By Amanda Moore INW | September 12, 2012
This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series British Monarchs

Richard III found in a Car Park with an Arrow in His back, can this be him, who was he and how can we distinguish him fact from fiction and the character assasination given him by William Shakespeare?
(This post will be updated, original posted in 2012.

The birth of a nation and the emerging dominance of House of wessexe House of

England as an Heptarchy

By Amanda Moore INW | August 21, 2012

7 Kingdoms Making 1 England with Alfred uniting the enterprise and the Vikings creating the climate in which English Unification was a better option that continuing domination of the Vikings. The Kingdoms hold the key into how these regions fought and conquered and rose up against the invaders to reverse the fortunes of England and set in place what would hold until the Norman Conquest, how would we turn the corner and become one people as Bede had alluded to…

Early Historical Documents and Chronicles

By Amanda Moore INW | August 21, 2012

have you heard of Bede? Wondered how we know what happened in the Anglo Saxon Period. Got a pet interest in early history of the British and the places in which they lived worked, fought and played? Then accessing these crucial early resources will be great for you and your history interests. A brief survey will give you the overview and find out about forthcoming eBooks which will help you further utilise these resources wihtout having to read then cover to cover…

Freehold, Freeholders and Leaseholders

By Amanda Moore INW | August 2, 2012

Freehold and leasehold what are the historic connections and origins of these termms and do they relate to origins of Copyhold Tenure and Feudal Law…

Research Notes Citate Curate and Collect

By HLB | June 23, 2012

Do you want to use the best FREE tools for the job of managing saving curating collecting and organising lots of data and disparate resources? Whatever your history project, the net and some great tools are there to help you. Toss out the overwhelming …

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Salvador Dali and Edward James collaborated on two artworks together in West Sussex?

By Amanda Moore INW | May 11, 2012

Mae west’s Lips, A Sofa, A Lobster Telephone known as the Aphrodisiac, West Sussex Dali Edwards and life in an english Country House, you have got to admit it is intriguing? Oh yes Edward the Prince of Whales, the Wellcome Foundation and just for good measure Somerset Maughan…oh what a tangled web the people and personalities spin throughout our history…

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