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Britain After Waterloo the British Disillusion

Britain after Waterloo

What happened to Britain after Waterloo? What did the victory mean to the population and why was there a British disillusion for the following 20 years? Britain seemed to implode as an economic bomb went off under her feet.

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History of Women and Work

The employment of women through the second half of the C19th and beyond has long been hidden in the data. As more data is digitized and becomes easier to evaluate it is apparent that women had always been employed in an incredibly wide range of occupations. Seek out the women and their hidden occupations in your family history

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Tailors and Family History

A plethora of tailors and dressmakers in our own family trees made us stop and think about the role of the tailor in the community and how they went about their everyday work and we will get to that but first Many in our families were tailors in Hampshire between Portsmouth and Hambledon. It just…

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Internal Migration

Internal Migration As family historians, one of our objectives is to try to determine where our ancestors originally came from. Another is to try and make sense of and follow their movements. We all have ‘lost’ ancestors, who seem to disappear or pop up in unexpected places! Understanding the social history helps us to make…

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Those Humble Occupations

So many of our ancestors had seemingly humble occupations that it is easy to overlook the important role they played in the life

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Bringing your history to life

Arthur Banting R.E.M.E 1943 - 1946

Connect with the lives of your family members, capture the reality and essence of the story of their lives, documents,photos and map them with the places where they lived worked and played… here is an example…No why not become your own map maker and family treasure curator…

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