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Educational Reform,State and School in C19th Britain

Prior to the Industrial Revolution the state played no role in the education of children. The Industrial Revolution however saw families forced into dense housing in the new industrial towns and gangs of untamed children roamed the streets, answerable to few, including the church and the government knew it had to intervene. The government thought…

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Charles Dickens – supporter of Ragged Schools

In 1843, Charles Dickens visited the Field Lane Ragged School and was so shocked and moved by what he saw there, he decided to write a pamphlet about it. Instead though he penned ‘A Christmas Carol’ as he thought he could reach more people through a novel. An intriguing connection is that John Pounds set…

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First Ragged School Portsmouth

In all history there are unsung heros and one of these must surely be John Pounds. Born in Portsmouth Hampshire, in 1766, John Pounds was crippled after a fall in the dockyards where he was an apprenticed shipwright. He became a shoemaker and was known as the crippled cobbler. There were many destitute children living…

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Workhouse Schools

The workhouse system
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More than 50% of those in Workhouses were children of the poor and often orphans. The Workhouse system was far from perfect but Workhouse schools at least offered some hope for a better educated and informed future. One of the turning points from Old Poor Law and bad ways to social reform and the fight for better rights for the unfortunate in society?

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Children and Education

Children and Education life wasnt great for children in the 18th and 19th Centuries, reform was slow coming, welfare was only just emerging, young adults and cheap labour, what was it like for your family and what were the opportunities presented by education, was it good bad or the best that could be expected what happened in the 20th and 21st centuries to change the poor outlook for children that had previously pervaded?

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