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17th Century 1600-1699

Old Poor Law

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The Old Poor Law was the codified series of statutes that predated the draconian Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, the timeline of this law casts some light on the origins of welfare and the plight of the poor in England for many years. If you have any reason to want to better understand the basis of society during the 19th century then some reference to these legal orgins will be helpful.

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Intriguing London Streets Cecil Court

Learning about the history of London streets reveals a wealth of colourful characters, as they emerge from a variety of historical documents. One such location is Cecil Court, home over centuries to a host of colourful characters.

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Three Abraham Darby’s

Abraham Darby
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Abraham Darby was the first man to use coke in furnaces, his son produced wrought iron and his grandson built the iron bridge at Ironbridge. 3 generations of the same family contributing to the Industrial Revolution.

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