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Intriguing Family History

Family history is about much more than just your family tree but you know that and that's why you are looking here. We have created time lines of British history around themes that we think draw on not just the celebrated history of Britain but from things that impacted the lives of the everyday folk.

Intriguing Family History

  • Use our dynamic timelines to construct your own family timeline.
  • Check out some different resources and see how they might help you.
  • Explore our themes and how they might relate to your family history.

We are building out our timelines dynamically, this means that when you return to the site there will be something new for you to think about and add into your family history.

We are constantly looking at new technology and thinking about how it will aid us in finding and understanding history, can we help you to build on and develop your skills and knowledge?

Maybe you're looking for new and creative ways to take your research further, looking for a different way of presenting family history and history. Whatever the case engage with us and we'll work with you.


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