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Major Events in British History

Major events in British history. This historic theme is an intriguing look at events that have changed the course of history, either on a local or national scale.
We have created timelines for various major events so you need to go and explore some of the other pages where you will find much more information e.g The War of The Roses. Use the timelines to explore the events we have chosen and if you disagree with our choices we'd love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts via our Contact page

Some historical events do not fit into a definite theme, they are things that happen, quite often in a narrow timescale that are cataclysmic in their effects.

It is difficult to imagine how a country, how communities dealt with events such as the Great Fire of London. Where did people go, how did they begin again with no money or clothes? How did the local powers re-build the city of London and how long did it take, who paid for it's re-building?

What were the consequences of the Black Death, who stepped up to take charge and re-form communities? Did leaders naturally emerge from those who survived or were they pushed to the forefront?

We struggle to cope with major weather events today. What did people do when the temperature plummeted to -15 C during the mini ice of the middle ages? What strategies did people use to survive?

We know the outcome of the potato famine in Ireland and all over Europe, the mass migration of people to America, Canada and Australia but what about the people left behind? How did Irish communities begin to flourish again and what help did they receive?

All such events have multiple impacts on societies and sometimes the simplest decisions have the biggest. The introduction of the Speenhamland System is one such decision, done with the best of intentions but with the most disastrous of results.


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