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Historic Themes

Intriguing history is all about finding the connections in British history that many of us miss. We decided to gather what we were learning around themes. It took us a lot of late nights to settle on the themes we felt were important to our take on British history. See the timelines we have generated for each theme, look across themes to see what was happening across different facets of British history captured in the same time frame.

Bayeux Tapestry

Empire and Colonialism

Empire and Colonialism The British Empire and Colonialism historic theme starts with 16th century exploration. Use the timeline to chart the course of British expansion, entwined with the history of overseas trade routes. Use the map to discover the extent of British imperial growth. The timeline will help set the context of this complex historical…

Book of Kells on Intriguing History's Church and Religion

Church and Religion

Church Faith and Religion Church and religion have been a dominant and underlying factor in the history of Britain. This historic theme explores the many functions it has had within society. Use the timeline at the bottom of this page to explore the theme of church and religion in Britain.    The triangle of ecclesiastical…

East India Company founded 1600 under Queen Elizabeth I

Business and Industry

Business and Industry British business and industry, this historic theme explores  how business has shaped and created the wealth of this nation. Search the timeline at the bottom of this page to see the context, diversity and worldwide impact of British business over the last 300 years.     The essential elements of business and trade…

Shakespeares works

Arts Design Media and Music

Arts Design Media and Music in British History Arts, Design , Media and Music in British history. This historic theme explores the creative narrative that weaves throughout British history. Use the timelines and maps to discover the context of great works of art, literature and music.   Arts, Design, Media and Music in British History…