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Mobilising British History

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Mobilising British History

Mobilising or Mobilizing British History depending on which side of the pond you are on? We are busy completing many enhancements over the next two weeks and in particular the art and science, (it is a fine balance of the two it seems) of optimising this web project for all the popular mobiles devices smartphones tablets and laptops or even a desktop. We are using this brief post to test a few features with a new batch of photographs we are going to add-into our collectionsTitchfield Abbey  Hampshire Early Spring on Intriguing-History.comusing ‘responsive design’ so our pages will adapt to wherever, whenever and whatever device you are using and whether you prefer a landscape or portrait view. More posts coming shortly and a raft of new timelines and curated resources are well on their way!

Meanwhile a break in the grey days and an early touch of Spring sunshine, so grabbed a picture or two at the rather lovely Titchfield Abbey, you will find more on this lovely location and little gem in Hants on our sister project Hampshire here, meanwhile. Thanks for taking a look at what we have to offer, if you want to track posts conveniently i your inbox then signup for our Monthly email, just 1 a month as a digest of whats new and happening here on Intriguing History.


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