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The National Archives ‘Hack Day’

The National Archive ‘Hack Day’ will take place on 24th – 25th March and is meant to be an opportunity for web designers and developers to gather and exchange ideas on how to make use of the National Archives data and documents.

Hack days are becoming more widespread as large institutions realize that they are sitting on more information than they can possibly process and more importantly, as digitization forges ahead, how that data can be used and applied.

In another related way, the crowd sourcing approach to creative thinking, referencing material, creating knowledge banks, etc, the list is endless, is a mighty powerful way to engage with people and for people to engage with projects they would previously have been excluded from.

We talked in an earlier post about the Georeferencing project launched by the British Library last week. These are projects we can all become involved with. To see the results of the first batch of British Library Maps click here. The next batch of maps will be ready soon.

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